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It's a prosperous venture to launch a business as a Public Limited Company because this is the highest corporate entity available in our country. Being a Public Limited Company is a matter of Big Capital investment and there you’ll be covered under other high valued features.

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Public Limited Company Registration in India - An Overview

The shares of Public limited Companies can be traded in the stock market.

The required members for Public limited Company is minimum 3 Directors, 7 Shareholders to maximum of 50 Directors and INR 5 lakh of paid-up capital.

It has all the advantages of the Private limited Company and the capability to have any number of members.

It has more transparency and easy in transferring shareholding.

Shareholders of a Public limited Company should be formally informed about its business position through annual report.

registration of public Limited Company

Benefits of Public Limited Company

  1. It limits the liabilities of shareholders within their business shares only and shields personal assets from being affected.
  2. Easy to transfer shares for the shareholders.
  3. It has unlimited financial exposure from the public to invest in the company and increase its capital.
  4. Unsystematic risk in business is minimized as company shares are largely distributed in public.
  5. Compared to other business structures, Public Limited Company has a high brand image and it is more transparent and credible.
  6. It receives better business opportunities and more scope of expansion. A Public Sector Company’s business status gets more exposure in similar traders and hence can gain more capital through tie ups.
Benefits of Public Limited Company

Required Documentation for Public Limited Registration

  1. PAN Details of directors and shareholders
  2. Passport size photograph of directors
  3. Copy of voter ID Card/Aadhaar Cards of the directors
  4. Address proof of directors and shareholders
  5. Address proof of the business space. For rented business space, rental agreement of the same

        Note: For a Public Limited Company, they should have an address of its registered office.

  1. Landlord’s NOC, where the business space is located
  2. If you own the business space, property papers
  3. Electricity/Water bills of business place is required.

Our Package is Offering You:

  • DIN for 3 Directors
  • Memorandum of Association / Article of Association (MOA / AOA)
  • Digital Signature for 3 Directors
  • Name Search & Approval
  • Issue of incorporation certificate (CIN)
  • Government Fees & Stamp Duty up to INR 20500
  • Company PAN & TAN

Procedure to Register a Public Limited Company

STEP-1) Ensure the minimum requirement of the company, such as, number of directors, share capitals, etc. and provide shareholder’s basic details, such as, Full Name, Email and Phone number.

STEP-2) Apply for DSC (Digital Signature) & DIN (Director’s Identification Number). We’ll work for you to get these documents.

STEP-3) Name Approval Application and its verification

We’ll associate with you to finalize this document and get it registered successfully.

STEP-4) Submission Of MOA (Memorandum Of Association) & AOA (Article Of Association)

We’ll be working based on the documents you provide to complete this submission.

STEP-5) Certificate Of Incorporation

Registrar of Companies will issue your Certificate of Incorporation after all the above documents are successfully registered from our side and the processing fee for Public Limited Company Registration is deposited as provided from your side.


Your Public Limited Company Registration is complete now.....You can apply for PAN, TAN and Bank Account in the name of your Public Limited Company.

procedure to register for public Limited Company

FAQs of Public Limited Company

A public limited company is a type of business that is managed by the directors and owned by the shareholders. A public limited company can offer its shares to the public and be listed on the recognized stock market. A public limited company is more open than a private limited company for instance- Reliance Motors, Bharti Airtel, Zomato, Paytm, etc.

A public limited company is managed by the board of directors but owned by the shareholders. Shareholders appoint a board of directors who take decisions related to the company.

To form a public limited company, It is necessary to have a minimum of 3 directors and 7 shareholders in the company. The minimum share capital should be Rs.5 lakh.

A private limited company is an LTD business that is held privately and is limited to 50 shareholders. The private limited company does not allow its shareholders to trade publicly and limits the owner's liabilities. A public limited company is listed on the recognized stock exchange and offers its shares to the public.

The primary purpose of a public limited company is to gain profits and maximize it as much as it can be on account of providing shareholders good returns for their investments.

PLC is a short word for a public limited company.

The validity of a public limited company is for a lifetime.

Any individual or non-resident of India who is above 18 years of age can become a director of a public limited company.

No. There is no need to hire a full-time CA or CS because our team will provide you with different packages which give you fair and timely advice.

Yes. A non-resident or a Foreign National can also become a director in a public limited company.

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