Tax Registration

Income in India, in some cases, requires you to be registered and declare the income source periodically. The category includes GST, EPF and ESI provisions, TDS payer registration, Section 12A and 80G NGO tax benefits and others. MyITROnline is India’s Government Approved Consultancy to provide you an All-Category-Inclusive Tax Registration Packages. Browse our services and let us know your requirement that we’ll fulfil in the Best Possible Way.

Provident Fund (EPF)

EPF Registration is an employee’s after-retirement provision that an eligible employer should be registered to fulfil the contribution. Our EPF Package gives you convenient, affordable and 100% reliable Registration Solution to its customers. So, when you’re an eligible employer, choose this package to let us work for you.

ESIC Registration

ESI Registration helps an eligible employer to enrol its employees under the provisions of ESI health benefit facilities. This is India’s State-run employee health benefit scheme that may differ in its features from State to State. When you’re an eligible employer for ESI facilities, choose our 100% guaranteed and affordable ESI Registration Package to get your job done without any delay or risk. Go through its details and know how it works THE BEST.

Goods and service Tax (GST)

GST Registration is a compulsory enrolment for the traders of Goods and Services who meet its registration condition. The basic criterion is that the trader should receive an annual turnover of more than INR 40 lakh (for supply of goods) and INR 20 lakh (for supply of services).


12A and 80G Registration are the two registrations granted by Income Tax Department to NGOs to allow them in Tax Exemption and permitting Deduction on Donations by the donors. A 12A and 80G registered NGO is more acceptable to receive prosperous funding and various tax reliefs. If you’re eligible for these registration, avail our 12A and 80G Registration Package, which is a 100% guaranteed service. Go through its details and know how it works THE BEST.

Tax Deducted at Source (TDS)

TDS is a tax liability where the buyer collects the tax amount from the seller in against of purchase of an asset/service and files the ITR. In this situation, seller receives the tax payment receipt through the buyer. To file your TDS and issue the deposit receipt, we’ve our 100% guaranteed Government authorized TDS Filing Package to give you assured result

Income Tax Registration/ Return

ITR is a mandatory task for any individual/entity over the taxable income earned per Financial Year. Based on different income head as categorized under Income Tax Act, 1961 the taxpayer has to pay the tax and file the connected IT Return within due date. Violation of this rule may result in Penalties/Notices/Legal Charge, etc

Export Import Code

Import Export Code is a compulsory document needed by the traders who are making import and export from the territory of India. If you’re in the business of this type, you should procure this document as per the guidelines of Director General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) under Department of Commerce, Government of India. It is a guaranteed, fast and risk free process,