Trademark & Copyright

Trademark and Copyright Registrations ensure fixed period legal security for some intellectual properties that are connected with commercial benefits. The category includes registration of Trademark, Copyright, Patent and their renewal. MyITROnline is India’s Government Approved Consultancy to provide you an All-Category-Inclusive Trademark & Copyright Packages. Browse our services and let us know your requirement that we’ll fulfil in the Best Possible Way.

Trademark Registration

Trademark Registration is a legal approval to the representation/sign of business/public brand that you can use to represent your products/services/objectives, etc. This registration gives the exclusive ownership right to you for the use of your brand symbol/logo.

Copyright Registration

Copyright Registration is a Government approval provided to an original intellectual asset. This registration lets its applicant possess the exclusive ownership right and various other benefits, such as, commercial use, global publicity, permit of reuse, etc.

Patent Registration

Patent Registration is a Government approved exclusive ownership right and permit of use granted to a technical innovation/idea. This approval is provided based on Patent Act 1970 and Patent Rules 1972 so that the registered Patent gets its legal value and security.

Renewal and Compliance

Renewal and Compliances are essential procedure to extend validity period of some major registrations, such as, copyright, trademark, etc. This procedure is useful to ensure the exclusive ownership right and protection from any kind of misuse. Also, this is a timely notification given to the concerned Department where the updates are maintained.