Companies Incorporated in India

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CIN / LLP PIN Company Name / Limited Liability Partnership Name RoC Status
F06716 Deutsche Welle Liaison Office Active
F06715 Kisters Ag Project Office Active
F06714 Shelf Drilling (Central Europe) Ltd Project Office Active
F06713 Tridem Pharma Liaison Office Active
F06712 Bmm Spain Testlabs S L Branch Office Active
F06711 Ecocera Co. Ltd Liaison Office Active
ABA-5563 Emerald Suites Llp RoC-Bangalore Active
ABA-8554 Medident Educare Llp RoC-Mumbai Active
ABA-8553 Siddha-hasta Foods Llp RoC-Pune Active
ABA-8552 Bluebrett Consultants India Llp RoC-Kanpur Active
ABA-8551 Praarambh Enterprises Llp RoC-Gwalior Active
ABA-8550 Yellowpeak Llp RoC-Bangalore Active
ABA-8549 Yamini Management Services Llp RoC-Chennai Active
ABA-8548 Kathya Interiors Llp RoC-Hyderabad Active
ABA-8547 Fidi Growth Llp RoC-Chennai Active
ABA-8546 Queen Identical Llp RoC-Ernakulam Active
ABA-8545 Tanishka Jewels Llp RoC-Ahmedabad Active
ABA-8544 Omnific Technologies (India) Llp RoC-Hyderabad Active
ABA-8543 Seedtosapling It Solution Llp RoC-Uttarakhand Active
ABA-8542 Imediablitz Solutions Llp RoC-Delhi Active
ABA-8541 Caneri Trading Llp RoC-Bangalore Active
ABA-8540 Zeppelin Contracts Llp RoC-Jharkhand Active
ABA-8539 Awadhoot Devdas Productions Llp RoC-Kolkata Active
ABA-8538 Yvs International Trading Llp RoC-Mumbai Active
ABA-8537 Dex Infra Llp RoC-Ahmedabad Active
ABA-8536 S.s. Realestates Llp RoC-Delhi Active
ABA-8535 Snj Dubash Theatre Llp RoC-Mumbai Active
ABA-8534 Quatre Realestates Llp RoC-Kolkata Active
ABA-8533 Aivot Growth Advisory Llp RoC-Ahmedabad Active
ABA-8532 Propventus Realty Llp RoC-Delhi Active
ABA-8531 Six Star Buildmart Llp RoC-Jaipur Active
ABA-8530 Aash Project Management Llp RoC-Bangalore Active
ABA-8529 Modus Strategic Solutions Llp RoC-Hyderabad Active
ABA-8528 Myfamily Home Builder Llp RoC-Mumbai Active
ABA-8527 Cognimize Digital Platform Llp RoC-Mumbai Active
ABA-8526 Infinity Squad Llp RoC-Jaipur Active
ABA-8525 Parinda Properties Llp RoC-Hyderabad Active
ABA-8524 Hyprex Industrial Technology Llp RoC-Mumbai Active
ABA-8523 Aiussa Consultancy Services Llp RoC-Cuttack Active
ABA-8522 Sigma Business Consulting Llp RoC-Mumbai Active
ABA-8521 Navanudi Llp RoC-Vijayawada Active
ABA-8520 Anisure Animal Supplements Llp RoC-Ahmedabad Active
ABA-8519 Sainath Finance Consultancy Llp RoC-Mumbai Active
ABA-8518 Fishberry Limited Liability Partnership RoC-Ernakulam Active
ABA-8517 Rogmukt Healthcare Llp RoC-Chandigarh Active
ABA-8516 Kumud Sri Resorts Llp RoC-Jaipur Active
ABA-8515 Jgk Ventures Llp RoC-Ahmedabad Active
ABA-8514 P N A M & Co. Llp RoC-Delhi Active
ABA-8513 Forsec Solutions Llp RoC-Delhi Active
ABA-8512 Shorya Atal Associates Llp RoC-Mumbai Active