There are a number of annual Industry and Income Compliances applicable over Business or Professional entities to ensure their validity. The category includes ROC, ITR, TDS, EPF and ESIC and other compliances. MyITROnline is India’s Government Approved Consultancy to provide you an All-Category-Inclusive Compliance Packages. Browse our services and let us know your requirement that we’ll fulfil in the Best Possible Way.

TDS Compliance

TDS compliances should be fulfilled where the tax is collected over a payment made for an asset or service. Different types of payments, such as, rent, commission, professional fees, interest, etc. are there on which TDS is applicable in India. Based on its type, TDS deposit procedure and its receipt that is compulsorily be given to the seller/service provider varies accordingl

ROC Compliance

Annual ROC Compliances are the detailed reporting of business procedures that every registered business unit operating in India should submit within deadline. It’s a major task for the eligible commercial entity. To make it easy for you, we’ve our reliable and affordable Annual ROC Compliances Package for you.

GST Compliances

Annual GST Compliances include submission of detailed report on business activities related to the trade of Goods and Services done in a Financial Year. This task is mandatory for all eligible Goods and Services businesses as per GST guidelines, otherwise can result in penalties/legal charges.

EPF and ESIC Compliances

EPF and ESIC Compliances are the reporting formalities that any eligible entity should fulfil to be legally secured. There are various types of declarations, such as, employee record, contribution details, nominations and more that these entities are to submit to the regulating Department on time. Do not feel it as an extra pressure

Digital signature (DSC)

DSC Registration is a valid e-sign option that can be used by the eligible applicants to attach their digital signature in various types of online applications, such as, filing of Annual Return, Income Tax Filing, E-Tenders and many other submissions. DSCs differ in their types and validity period based applicant’s requirements and position.