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OPC is a contraction used to mean “One Person Company”. With a humble capital in your hand of only about INR 1 lakh, if you wish to start your solo business venture, we’re to help you build your OPC. From its name, you may understand that One Person Company works under a single entrepreneur who takes authority to operate a corporate entity based on his/her investment in the concerned business .

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Benefits of OPC Registration

Works as a separate legal entity to get access to credits, bank loans, limited liability, legal protection for business, access to market, etc. Comes under the provisions of Private Limited Company operating in India.

Benefit of using legal name and status value unlike Sole Proprietorship which is not a legal entity.

Provision of limited liability (up to the limit of company shares) does not affect owner’s personal wealth, assets, etc.

Works with minimum requirement of:

  • Minimum 1 shareholder
  • Minimum 1 director (Director and Shareholder can be the same person)
  • 1 nominee director
  • No minimum share capital
  • ‘OPC’ suffixed with the Company Name to give its distinguishing identity

Benefit of fast decision taking for the sole member company structure and less burden of paper works in company policies.

No contradiction or interference from the third party.

Death of the sole shareholder (who is serving as Director) does not disturb of the company.

Easy transfer of business ownership through transfer of share invested for OPC.

One Person Company Benifits

Required Documentation for OPC Registration

  1. Copy of PAN Card of the owner (Mandatory
  2. Copy of owner’s Voter ID Card/ Aadhaar Card (Mandatory)
  3. Copy of Property Papers (In case, you own your company space)
  4. Electricity/Water Bills of business place
  5. Two passport size photos of the owner (Mandatory)

Our Package is offering You:

  • DIN for 1 Director
  • Digital Signature (DSC) for 1 Director
  • OPC Name Approval
  • Memorandum of Association/Articles of Association (MOA/AOA) & incorporation certificate CIN
  • Government fees & Stamp Duty up to INR 11500
  • Company PAN & TAN
One Person Company Package is offers

Procedure for OPC Registration

STEP-1) Provide OPC Owner’s Basic Details, like, Full Name, Email, Phone Number, etc.

STEP-2) Apply for DSC (Digital Signature) & DIN (Director’s Identification)

We’ll work for you to get these documents.

STEP-3) Apply for Name Approval and get its verification

We’ll associate with you to finalize this document and get it registered successfully.

We’ll be working based on the documents you provide to complete this submission.

STEP-4) Obtain Certificate of Incorporation (COI)

Registrar of Companies will issue your Certificate of Incorporation after all the above documents are successfully registered from our side and the processing fee for One Person Company Registration is deposited as provided from your side. This ensures your legal status as One Person Company!!


 Now, your OPC is registered and you can apply for PAN, TAN and Bank Account in the name of your One Person Company.

OPC Work Procedure

FAQs on One Person Company in just 7 Days

A person should be a citizen and resident of India to be eligible for being a member or nominee of OPC. Here, the resident stands for the period of living in India for at least one hundred years and eight two days.

No. A person can not be in more than one OPC. He/she can only be a member of only one OPC.

A one-person company can be formed in India by one member and one director under the companies act of 2013.

There is no specific amount of money to be invested in an OPC. But to start any business or OPC, one should have at least 1 lakh authorized amount of money.

There are many benefits of an (OPC) one-person company. Major of them are less compliance, limited liability, and no form of disputes.

No. The Indian government did not bring any kind of regulations related to direct foreign investment in OPC.

On the account of the death of an OPC member, It should be informed to the register of companies as soon as possible. This process is done with the form INC-4 to change the membership status of the one-person company.

Yes. Along with many benefits, You can also take a loan from an OPC easily.

Yes. There should be 2 directors in a one-person company as per the companies act 2013.

No. A non-resident can not be a member of one company. Only Indian residents are eligible to be a member of a one-person company. A non-resident can not be a nominee or director in a one-person company.

There can be only a person as a member of an OPC. More shareholders or members can not be joined to grow the capital.

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